About Me

Photo was taken back in 2009 – when I was smaller, single and still had my mother. Good times!

It’s 2016 and I now identify myself as a “thirty-something mom”!  I guess this is what best describes me right now.  It used to be a “twenty-something wife” (for quite some time) or the corny “software geek wanna-be”.  Well, I still am both, albeit no longer “twenty-something”. Hah!


I probably come across as a simple person to most, even to close family and friends.  But really, my interests are vast and seem limitless.  Currently, my focus is on web technologies, parenting, and being a wife.  Sounds plain, but in fact such a colorful life!!!

Checkout my CV page to know more about my professional background.

Looking forward to connecting with you guys!




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