How I got pregnant on the second month after we started trying!

We decided to start trying and we opted to use ovulation test strips as a guide on which days are our chances very high.  We got pregnant on the second month!  I learned about this method from my sister.  It worked for her and it did too for me!  Allow me to share with you my story and I’m hoping it will help inspire or at least educate some couples out there who are trying that there is such a thing that can serve as a guide and that it worked for us.

So, here goes…

It was May 17, 2015.  The first day of my period that month.  It was my second month of trying out the ovulation strips.  We were not pressured, just that we thought we wanted to give it a shot using the technique that worked for my sister the previous year.

Last month, I started testing on the 11th day as indicated on the ovulation test kit box.  Normally, at least for most women, ovulation happens on the 14th day.  The strip turned double line for me around the 20th day mark after my period. This means that I ovulate late.  I kind of wasted a lot of test strips there.  (That thing is not so cheap!)

So for the second month, I figured I would start testing only around the 15th or 16th day.  I did not want to start on the 19th or 20th just in case my body decides to ovulate earlier this time.  It was almost midnight of June 3, the 17th day, when the ovulation strip turned double line.  It means I will be ovulating within the next 24 hours and if we want to get pregnant… Well, I don’t have to finish that sentence now, do I?  Haha!

Ok, so fast forward to the 28th day (June 14), I did not get my period so I decided to do a pregnancy test the next day.  It was negative.  I remember Ramadan started on June 16 that year.  Still no period.  I did not think much about it because my period was never really a regular 28 days cycle.  But then when I was about 2 weeks delayed already (not so normal for me anymore although I have had this kind of delay before), I felt the need to recheck to make sure that I was not pregnant.  And so I did.

It was July 4, about a month after that ovulation strip turned positive, my pregnancy test strip did the same.  It was also just a little after midnight.  (I just recently found out that the most accurate time to do the test should be in the morning!)  The moment I saw the second line show up, I was shocked because I guess I didn’t really expect it since the first test was negative.  Then my hubby walked past the bathroom and I just exclaimed “Hunny it is positive! I’m pregnant!”.  He turned to look at me, wide-eyed and looking shocked as well.  Then he ran to the room to do I-dont-know-what.  Weirdest reaction ever! hahaha!

After I cleaned up, I went to the bedroom and we shared our feelings of shock and happiness and trying to let this big news sink in.  Then I proceeded to take a picture of the test kit that shows the double line and sent it to our families.  It immediately had his FaceTime ringing!  It was my sister-in-law – she was all “are you serious?”, “is this one of your jokes?”, “for real?”, “omg!!!” HAHAHA!  She was ecstatic with the news — too ecstatic in fact that she was already in the car on her way to the gym and then decided to turn back because it was too much to just brush off. LOL!

Our WhatsApp and FB Messenger apps were busy that night – exchanges of congratulations and happy messages.  We decided to keep the news to amongst ourselves first until after we hit the second trimester mark.

The pregnancy generally went well.  The morning sickness stuck with me all throughout my journey.  I continued working until the day that I had to be confined and be on bed rest because my placenta was low lying towards the end of my pregnancy.

So that’s my pregnancy story.  You can read about my delivery story here.  Feel free to share your story in the comments below or you can send me a message!  If you guys want to know more about ovulation strips like how to use them and whatnots, hit me up!

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